Digital Microscope

Digital Microscope

3,100,000 تومان

Smartphone-based health camera.
Checking the condition of ears, mouth, nose, scalp and skin conditions and manage it over time.
Real-time monitoring of disease state and its management.
Maintaining optimal health conditions.


Easy usage

Refit Cam does not require a separate charging.
As soon as you connect the Refit Cam to your Smartphone,
you can notice the LEDs of Refit Cam will glow and you can start using it with installed RefitCam app.

The dark can be seen brighter on screen!

The low-power but highly brighter LEDs of Refit Cam can help you see the darker and distant parts or objects comfortably just by zooming in the focus on the spot and viewing it clearly on the smartphone screen.

Pictures, movie recording and their storage

It is possible to take pictures and record videos of the focused area.
The files will automatically get saved in the dedicated folders.

View the captured images

It gives you flexibility to record and arrange the videos and images as per your convenience. You can manage the recordings and keep back-ups to view them at any time and situation.

Refit Cam using Tip!

Set the brightness of your smartphone as high as possible.
It helps you take clear and crisp images and recordings comfortably.


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