Access Control

The Tolue Engineering Company is a provider of advanced organizational access control systems. Using this system, each type of access can be defined for different individuals, employees, invitations, contractors and even cars to different locations. Such access control systems have been created to enforce your security procedures. Procedures that arise from your security policy.

Video Control

It monitors the events within a management oversight agency, and the CCTV is recognized as a key component of security. The existence of a camera and a sense of surveillance can greatly reduce the possibility of violations. The Tolue Engineering Company completes the specialized security solutions for its products with HIGH-END cameras of prestigious CCTV industry companies.

کنترل دسترسی    کنترل عبور و مرور

Access Control

Access restriction

کنترل تردد خودرو/ کنترل دسترسی/ مدیریت عبور و مرور/toluearyan

Vehicle Access Control

Vehicle Access Control with RFID

حمل و نقل هوشمند   کنترل ترافیک

Video Control

Traffic Management

شناسایی مشتریان    کنترل دسترسی

Customer Identification

Used in bank and financial company

مدیریت پارکینگ    کنترل تردد پارکینگ

Parking Managment

Automatic Guidance and Routing

پشتیبانی/خدمات پس از فروش/toluearyan



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