Tolue Group

The Tolue Group, with the goal of providing advanced ICT-based solutions and management systems, in the following areas started:

• Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and tracking systems, including tracker types such as vehicle tracker, fleet management, motor tracker, animal tracker and more.

• RFID-based systems ranging from automobile traffic control devices, parking management and ...

• Identification systems for access control and security, such as personnel access control devices, attendance, customer identification and ...

• Video surveillance and control systems, such as CCTV, traffic solution Camera and more.

Tolue Aryan Hooshmand

Tolue Aryan Hooshmand, a member of the Tolue Group, with specialist staff is the owner of numerous unique projects in the field of consulting, providing hardware, software and system services to customers.

Most of the audiences in the Tolue Aryan are companies and organizations that upgrade their traditional management structure to using modern systems technologies to intelligent, mechanized and scientific management and effective monitoring.

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Aryana Tracking Software

Trace Specialized Software

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Tracking for everyone


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Digital Microscope

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